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HART RESCUE Emergency Responder and Military Support Ministry is a non-profit corporation, registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State.  We are also recognized as a tax-exempt charitable organization by the US IRS under Code 501 (c)(3). Gift donations are deductible from Federal income tax.

HART RESCUE  operates on donations; however, we have a "no solicitation" policy.  We do not sell anything, and no one affiliated with  HART RESCUE  is permitted to request donations for the ministry from individuals.  All  HART RESCUE  agents and support team members are volunteers, and are only compensated for approved direct travel expenses.  Questions concerning the ministry's financial policies or how to donate to  HART RESCUE can be answered by contacting any of our directors via the message link on this page.  Please contact us immediately if you receive any solicitation for a donation by anyone claiming to represent  HART RESCUE Emergency Responder and Military Support Ministry.


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NPFCA Class 2020-B1

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Some  HART RESCUE  agents are affiliated with the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, USA and with the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters, International.  Some agents may also currently be active peace officers, firefighters, or medics on public safety agencies.  Their affiliation with HART RESCUE does not constitute an endorsement by their agencies.

HART RESCUE is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by the Town of Hartville, Wyoming or by the Hartville, Wyoming Volunteer Fire Department.  The Hartville Volunteer Fire Department does have a Public Safety Agency Assistance Agreement with HART RESCUE.

May 15, 2024