IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service 2015

Sep 2015

The HR Field Team attended the International Association of Firefighters Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service in Colorado Springs on September 19. 

IAFF permitted us to set up our tent and table so that we could meet and minister to attendees.  Our Firefighter New Testaments were well received, and we pray that those who received them will open their hearts to God's loving voice.

Sharing Events / Drop-in Visits


Withlacoochee Sons of the American Revolution Meeting *

Cop Church, Chattanooga, TN *

National Law Enforcement Memorial Week activities, Washington, D.C.

Meetings w / Director Paul Lee, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers USA, Chattanooga, TN

Cop Church, Chattanooga, TN

Supper w / Chattanooga PD &

Hamilton County SO personnel

Tour & material review at Source of Life Ministries, Madison, GA

Police / Sheriff facilities in SW OH &SE WY

Fire stations in SW OH & SE WY


Grace Fellowship Church

North Stonington, CT*

 Music Evangelism Foundation Conference, Colorado Springs, CO *

National EMS Memorial  Bike Ride Start

Fort Collins, CO *

American Police Chaplains' Conference

Monument, CO *

Centurion LE Ministry "Cop Church"

Aurora, CO *

Police / Sheriff facilities in N CO,SE WY, SW OH

Fire stations is N CO, SE WY, & Central FL

Winter Travels Will Take HRSupport 7 to SE US

Nov 2015

The HR Field Team will winter in central Florida to keep our mobile operations center from freezing like it did our first winter in Colorado (-19...Brrr!!). We will most likely travel across the southeastern states as far west as Texas at least once before heading north for National Police Week in May. We hope to meet many more brothers and sisters along the way.  If you see Support 7 in a store or restaurant parking lot, look for us, so we can spend a few moments with you.  There are several events in Florida we are exploring.  We will post those events when we get them on our schedule. 

Formal Organization as a "NPO" Completed

Sep 2015

HART RESCUE  is now officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Wyoming.  The first meeting of our corporate officers and ministry support team was on September 17. 

Lead Agent Mike thanks all who helped us make this milestone in our ministry.  Incorporation establishes our ministry as an officially recognized organization.  It allows us the ability to conduct business with financial institutions, it provides legal protection forHRteams, and accountability in how we conduct our ministry and how we manage our finances.



May 2015

TheHRField Team spent several days with Paul Lee, Director of Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, USA in May, 2015.  Knowing that we are stronger in numbers, we felt that our association with FCPO would assist us in furthering the Gospel to the Police community. We hope to be a resource to FCPO, as they have already been to us.  If you are not familiar with FCPO, check out their website at www.fcpo.org/ .


National EMS Memorial Service 2016

May 2016


The HR Field Team attended the National EMS Memorial Service in Arlington, VA on May 21. Emergency medical personnel paid tribute to their fallen co-

workers and to their family members.

The HR Field Team attends memorial services not only to honor the service of their fallen brothers and sisters, but also to provide emotional and spiritual support to the co-workers and the surviving family members.

                 HR S7

National Law Enforcement Memorial 2016

MAY 2016

The HR Field Team worked alongside other FCPO ministry teams at "tent city" during National Law Enforcement Memorial activities. There was a fairly constant flow of folks stopping by the tent except for the times where wet windy weather required the tent flaps to come down. Officers and family members were provided with Bibles, New Testaments, and support information from the various ministries. Team members shared the love of Christ with those who stopped by.  There were lots of prayers and lots of hugs. All were blessed by meeting and sharing with officers who are eternal Brothers and Sisters. See our partner page to see those who participated by their presence or by providing materials.




  IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service 2016

September 2016

The HR Field Team attended the International Association of Firefighters Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service in Colorado Springs on 17 September.


This year, firefighters from our hometown of Hamilton, Ohio honored brother Patrick Wolterman, who was fatally injured while fighting a residential arson last December.  The field team also met a severly injured firefighter who lost three of his crew members in a wildland fire in Washington last August.  We were able to pray with Daniel and his father at our tent and offered our continued support.  He had already undergone fourteen surgeries, and he has been told that he will need additional surgeries over the next ten years.  Daniel was also a reserve police officer.  Please continue to pray for him, as we continue to do so. 

Thank you to IAFF for  permitting us  to set up in "tent city" so that we can continue to  minister to our hurting firefighter families. 

HR S7 


HR Field Team Participated in the Indiana Police Appreciation Week

Oct 2015

Mike was the opening speaker at the Breaching the Barricade Conference held on October 2,  in Elkhart, Indiana.  He shared his testimony of God's protection during and following two shooting incidents during his police career.  Linda and Mike were able to share their faith and their life experiences with officers and their spouses during breaks at the conference.

Mike and Linda spoke with officers, spouses, and many of the volunteer workers at the annual Indiana Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Day on October 3, in Middlebury.  There were numerous activities and a massive amount of food, all provided free for peace officers and their families.  Thanks to Chaplain Jim Bontrager, his family, and the army of volunteers from the many local churches who enthusiastically demonstrated God's love to the officers and to their families in a time where it was much needed.


Events / Training Attended

Breaching the Barricade Conference
Elkhart, IN*

Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Day Middlebury, IN

IAFF Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service
Colorado Springs, CO

RISE Christian Police Conference
Haymarket, VA

Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conference
Chattanooga, TN

Emergency Responder Marriage Seminar
Viera, FL


Tarpon Springs Police Officer Funeral
Lutz, FL

Suicide "Safe Talk" and Intervention Seminars, North Stonington, CT

Emergency Responders Conference
Smithfield, RI

National Fallen Firefighters' Memorial Services, Emmitsburg, MD

IAFF Fallen Firefighters' Memorial Service Colorado Springs, CO

National EMS Memorial Service
Colorado Springs, CO

First Responder Marriage Seminar
Colorado Springs, CO

"Sheep Dog" Church / School Shooting Seminar, Wheat Ridge, CO


Nov 2015

Mike and Linda spoke at COP Church Chattanooga on November 3, 2015.  They were welcomed by Pastor / Officer Jonathan Parker.  Mike and Linda  shared several miraculous survival  events during his thirty-one year police career.  Linda spoke directly to the spouses, reminding them that "You pay a high price to love a cop.  Is it worth it?  Oh yes, it's very worth it."  They ended by encouraging officers and spouses to be prepared for the battles ahead.

If you would like to see Mike and Linda at Cop Church Chattanooga, check:


Sheepdog Seminars

Jan 2016

The HR Field Team attended Sheepdog Safety Seminars in Lakeland, FL; Fort Worth, TX; and Chattanooga, TN on three weekends in January, 2016.  They made many new contacts with emergency responders and with those interested in church safety. Thanks to Jimmy Meeks and LTC Dave Grossman for allowing the HR Field Team to minister to the attendees. They were also able to reconnect with friends and co-ministers from FCPO and COP Church Chattanooga. 

For more information on  these seminars, check the Sheepdog Safety Training website:


Support 7 Visit at Hart   County Rescue Squad

April 2016



The HR Field Team stopped by the Hart County Rescue Squad Station in Munfordville, KY on Saturday, April 30th. Some of the squad members we met were cleaning up after a successful water rescue on Friday. Two victims were rescued from the Green River after their canoe capsized. We had planned to visit Hart Rescue Squad after seeing information about the organization while establishing HART RESCUE's support ministry. When we found that we were so close to Hart County, Mike contacted Chief Garland Logsdon to request a visit. 





Chief Logsdon gave us a tour of the facility and a briefing on their equipment and their missions. Hart Rescue Squad is a private non-profit corporation which has about thirty-five volunteers who respond to land search and rescue, high and low angle rescue, and water rescue and recovery operations.




The members who were present accepted our first responder "Answering the Call" New Testaments and our cards. Chief Logsdon presented us with Hart County Rescue Squad t-shirts. As always, the Southern hospitality and the privilege of relating with our brother volunteer responders was worth the trip. Seeing and hearing what this group of dedicated citizens do reminded us of why we are so proud to have been affiliated with our own emergency responder organizations.

May God bless all of you who give your time and risk your lives for your neighbors, expecting nothing in return!

                    HR S7


  HR Field Team in

Madison, GA

April 2016

The HR Field Team visited Madison, GA twice since the first of this year. Mike met with  the Morgan County Sheriff, and he spoke in the Source of Light Ministry (SLM) chapel service in January. On their return visit in April, Linda spoke at the SLM  chapel service talking about "The Family Behind the Badge". Mike met with members of several local churches to discuss security issues, and he attended an emergency management meeting at the Sheriff's Office. The Field Team has developed relationships with their brothers and sisters at SLM, and they will be stopping by Madison when they pass through northern GA in the future.

God bless you all!

                      HR S7  

Air Medical Memorial Service 2016

August 2016



The HR Field Team attended the Air Medical Memorial Service in Littleton, CO on August 20. Air medical crews and family members paid tribute to their fallen co-workers and to their family members.

Mike was able to make a number of new contacts, and hug and share with some of his brothers and sisters from previous venues.  Mike's connection with the crews is  not only as a medic, but also as a military air crew member.

                   HR S7