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Support 7 carried our tent and supplies to events from Spokane, Washington to Miami, Florida.  The field team responded to structure and wildland fires, traffic accidents, medical emergencies, and weather related events to assist local emergency responders.  Support 7 also transported emergency personnel and victims to permit apparatus to stay on scenes.  Mike and Linda were able to hand out New Testaments and HR cards from Support 7 to officers on patrol, as Support 7 was clearly "marked".  Support 7 carried multiple fire extinguishers, light rescue tools, trauma and BLS bags, emergency oxygen, traffic cones, LED flairs, tool bags, traffic vests, and wildland  PPE.  Support 7 was also equipped with mobile and portable radios.  Since field agents were normally busy assisting emergency personnel or victims, we don't have a lot of "action shots," but the photos below show some of Support 7's travel over the 275,000+ miles.  The support team provided fresh drinking water and snacks from Support 7 at fire scenes and at training events.  We are hoping to replace Support 7 with a little larger SUV to accommodate a larger payload.  Support 7, with its big white hearts, will be missed by many, especially by our field team.  



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