HR is Now a Tax Exempt, Non-Profit "Charitable Organization"

The HART RESCUE ministry corporation had been recognized as a non-profit charitable organization by the US Internal Revenue Service.  The ministry is exempt from federal income tax under IRS tax code section 501 (c)(3).  This designation permits persons, businesses, or organizations who donate gifts to the HR ministry to claim their donations as a deduction from their taxable income when filing annual federal income tax returns.  Donors will be provided with documentation of their gifts in January for the previous tax year, beginning in January 2018.

Mike is Appointed Fire Chaplain  on Guernsey, WY VFD

Mike has been requested to serve as a chaplain on the Guernsey, Wyoming Volunteer Fire Department.  In April, Mike met with Chief Jeff Thomas to discuss how the HART RESCUE Field Team could assist GVFD while they were home in Platte County this summer.  Chief Thomas appointed Mike as chaplain to assist the department during times when he and Linda are there, and he gave Mike permission to represent GVFD at fire and EMS memorial services.  Mike plans to attend department training, as well as being available to assist firefighters and medics on emergency scenes.  Mike and Linda have already made themselves available for emotional and spiritual support to all emergency responders and military members in Platte and Goshen Counties.  Please pray for our officers, firefighters, medics, and soldiers, and pray for our support team as they minister to the needs of our community servants.

Air Medical Memorial Service 2017

Mike attended the Air Medical Memorial Service in Littleton, CO on July 29.  Air medical crews and family members paid tribute to twenty-four air medical crewmembers who were killed in the line of duty in 2016. Mike was able to connect with several survivor family members.  Having served as an  Army helicopter crewmember, Mike is very aware of the additional hazards which can be encountered by air medical crews.  Please keep the hurting family members in your prayers.  Also remember to pray for your local air medical crews as they risk their lives serving  your community.

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National EMS Memorial Service 2017

The HR Field Team attended the National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS) Memorial Service in Arlington, Virginia on May 20.  Twenty-eight brother and sister medics, including medevac pilots and flight nurses, were honored this year for making the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow man.  This was our third NEMS memorial service.  In the past years, Mike was invited to speak at one of the pre-service events; however, HR has not been able to officially participate as a ministry presence, as we do in several of our other national events.  Mike and Linda were able to meet with the NEMS Memorial Foundation President to offer our assistance at future events, and she responded positively.  Mike will follow up to make plans for next year's NEMS Memorial events.

The HR Field Team attends memorial services not only to honor the service of their fallen brothers and sisters, but also to provide emotional and spiritual support to the co-workers and the surviving family members.


Career Survival for Wyoming Officers

Mike was invited to speak to officers at the Wyoming Criminal Justice Association's symposium on April 5, at Casper College.  Mike spoke to the officers and to the criminal justice students about "Peace Officer Career Survival".  He not only talked about the physical dangers of police work, but also the emotional toll our profession takes on officers, their spouses, and their children.  Mike shared many personal experiences in his thirty-one year police career, and he was able to share some career ending errors made by a few of his co-workers.  His presentation stressed the need for officers to avoid the obvious pitfalls, and that remembering to care for their families and for their own emotional and spiritual health are essential elements to having a truly successful career.

HR Support 7 Assists Motorcycle Crash Victim

The HR Field Team was stopped by motorists advising of a motorcycle crash on Ohio Route 73, east of Wilmington, Ohio on Memorial Day.  Mike, Linda, and a nurse provided care for the rider until fire / EMS personnel arrived.  The patient was transported to a hospital via medical helicopter.  They were able to make several brief contacts with firefighters, medics, and officers on the scene after the victim was evacuated.


HR News


HART RESCUE Visits Hartville, Ohio

HR Support 7 traveled through Northeastern Ohio while westbound to Wyoming.  This year Mike decided to swing a little north to check out their "sister city", Hartville, Ohio.

They spent several days in the area, as weather in Southwestern Ohio was pretty crummy.  Mike met several officers at the PD, and then he and Linda stopped by one of the city's fire stations.  Mike and Linda enjoyed visiting with some of the firefighter / medics, and they were able to provide several copies of the "Answering the Call" New Testaments.  The following day Mike met with the Mayor and the Chief of Police.  Mike and Linda had a great time of fellowship with Chief Dordea, and they provided him with their remaining copies of "The Peacemaker" New Testaments.  During their visit they met many friendly folks, some of whom were firefighters and military veterans.  Others were curious about
HART RESCUE's ministry, so the Field Team had quite a few ministry contacts in Hartville's businesses.  The visit was so enjoyable that Support 7 will most likely make a few more "detours" through Hartville on future trips between Wyoming and Washington, D.C.


HR Field Team Participated with FCPO Ministries During National Police Memorial Week

The HR Field Team worked alongside other LE ministries in the Washington, D.C. area during National Police Week.  We all worked in coordination with the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, USA (FCPO).  Hundreds of officers stopped by our tents to ask questions and to request resources.  Spouses and chaplains also stopped by to meet our FCPO ministry team.  We provided free printed resources, to include Bibles and New Testaments which are published with helps for those in the police profession.

We were also able to minister to folks outside of "tent city", as we spent some time at the National Peace Officers' Memorial wall, and while we were at other public places throughout the week.  We were much busier than the past two years at this event.  It was just AMAZING to see how God was working!  There were several officers who became "eternal brothers" in front of our tent, and we were all able to pray for many who had particular needs or who needed encouragement.  We were all in awe of what we saw this week, and we pray that the many seeds that were sown will produce a great harvest in the hearts and lives of those we had the privilege to meet.  All praise and glory for what was accomplished goes to our Lord, Jesus Christ!


HR Support 7 attended Sheepdog Safety seminars in January

Mike and Linda traveled to Chattanooga, TN; Merritt Island, FL; Miami, FL; and Palm Beach, FL to be available to attendees at the Sheepdog Safety Seminars in January 2017.  Jimmy Meeks requested Mike to briefly describe the shootout in his church parking lot at the Chattanooga and the Palm Beach events.

They hope that sharing their experiences at these events will assist the presenters in convincing the attendees that deadly force events can occur anywhere, without warning. 

Their experiences demonstrate that mental and spiritual preparation and the proper execution of appropriate tactical skills in extreme stress situations not only enhance survival of the event, but also survival of the aftermath.  Mike and Linda also make themselves available to assist individuals who have already experienced critical incidents, and who need a listening ear or some advice from someone who has "been there and done that".

Thank you to Jimmy Meeks, LTC Grossman, and Carl Chin for the open invitation for
HART RESCUE to participate at your events. For information on  these seminars, check the Sheepdog Safety Training website: 

HR Field Team Participated in the Indiana Police Appreciation Week

The HR Field Team attended the Breaching the Barricade Conference in Elkhart, Indiana on September 30.  Officers were encouraged by Chaplain Jim Bontrager and keynote speaker retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin.  General Boykin continues to serve our country by confronting the evil infiltrating our national government, and he encouraged officers to stand against the evil in their communities.  The Field Team and other peace officer ministries were there to provide spiritual support and encouragement to the officers and their family members.

Mike and Linda met with officers, spouses, and volunteer workers at the annual Indiana Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Day on October 1, in Middlebury.  Chaplain Jim Bontrager, his family, and the many volunteers from local churches provided officers and their families with a great day of fun, food, and care.  If you or your family feel like everybody is against our cop family, you need to attend next year's Officer Appreciation Day on October 7, 2017.  All activities (you've got to check out the link below!) and food are free for officers, spouses, and kids.  For more info, check out Jim Bontrager's "Warrior on the Wall" web site: