.   Dep Michael Scott Williams

Taylor Co, FL SO

EOW: October 31, 2016

The HR field team attended the memorial service of their brother, Dep. Michael "Scott" Williams, on 12 November. Scott was killed when his patol car collided with a logging truck durring foggy weather early on 31 October.

Field team members spoke with several of the Williams family members and with several deputies. They offered followup support to the Williams family as they live close to the HR field team's location in central Florida. Mike also visited with the two Taylor SO dispatchers who were working at the time of the accident when the field team was traveling through Perry, FL on the evening of 2 November. Brother Williams also previously served on the Brooksville, FL PD. 


      PO Charles R. Kondek

Tarpon Springs, FL PD

EOW: December 21, 2014

The HR field team attended the funeral service of their brother, PO Charles "Charley K" Kondek, on 27 December. Charley responded to a report of a loud stero in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the early morning hours of  21 December. A male (parolee) who had just exited the apartment approached Charley and shot him at close range. The suspect then ran over Brother Kondek with a vehicle as he fled the scene.  Brother Kondek also previously served on the New York, NY PD.     

  Dep John R. Kotfila, Jr.

Hillsborough Co, FL SO

EOW: March 12, 2016

The HR field team attended the funeral service of their brother, Dep. John Kotfioa, Jr., on 18 March. John Was killed when a vehicle going the wrong way on a divided highway struck his patrol car head-on.

Brother Kotfioa's father is currently serving as a sergeant on the Massachusetts State Police, and his brother, Michael, serves on a municipal police department in Massachusetts.