HR Support Team's Survival Story

Over the past months, Mike and Linda have met many of you on their travels.  If you met them, you will want to check out the video from COP Church Chattanooga on 3 November 2015.  They shared several miraculous survival events during Mike's thirty-one year police career.  Linda spoke directly to the spouses, reminding them that "You pay a high price to love a cop.  Is it worth it?  Oh yes, it's very worth it."

(Approx 30 min)

MC Williams & Travis Yates on Peace Officer's roles as "Servant Leaders" & "Servant Warriors"

Travis Yates interviewed HR Ministry Support Team member MC Williams on in Dec 2016.  In this interview MC & Travis address many topics concerning police work, beginning with our profession's leadership issues.  They discussed how officers at all levels have leadership roles and that the perfect model for leadership is found in the teachings and life examples of Jesus Christ.  MC candidly shared his personal experiences which nearly ended not only his career, but his life, also.  Their discussion is relevant for all of you involved in emergency services and in the military.  For additional info on MC and his ministries, see our Support Team and Partners pages.

(approx 35 min)

Career and Marriage Survival podcasts on

"Got Your Six" 2017

Jonathan Parker interviewed Mike and Linda to gain more insight on their journey through Mike's police and military careers.  They share how they navigated their marriage and their family through some of the major trials generated be Mike's police and Army service.

Mike's podcast aired on Feb. 27 and Linda's aired on Mar. 6, 2017.  They hope that you will find hope in your own situations by hearing that your difficult circumstances are survivable.

Mike's interview

(Approx 37 min)

Linda's interview

(Approx 31 min) 

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